Die Zukunft ist Photovoltaik

In Zeiten von immer stärker steigenden Strom- und Gaspreisen suchen viele eine Alternative. Wie wäre es, wenn ihr euren Strom selbst produzieren könntet?

Mit einer Photovoltaikanlage auf dem Dach könnt ihr die Sonnenstrahlen in Energie verwandeln.


Nachhaltig und unabhängig

Photovoltaikanlagen (PV) stellen schnell und einfach Strom her. Und das auch noch ohne Umweltbelastungen und wesentlich günstiger als bei Stromanbietern. Ihr könnt damit eure Geräte im Haus betreiben oder sie zum Laden eures Elektroautos verwenden. Auch Wärmepumpen könnt ihr damit speisen. Anbringen könnt ihr Photovoltaik fast überall. Auf euren Hausdächern, Garagendächern, auf einigen Terrassenüberdachungen und auch an der Fassade, als Verkleidung. So werden die Sonnenstrahlen, die diese Flächen ohnehin bescheinen, einfach in Energie umgewandelt, die ihr nutzen könnt.


Backup & Recovery

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment.


Full Server Security

Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition.


Stability Improvements

Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line.

Our Platform

How Our Solutions Support the Different Cyber Functions

Powerful Flexible Software

Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs.

Professional Engineers

At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved from generation X is on the runway heading towards a streamlined cloud


For Six Years I Have Helped Companies From Different Industries And Countries

I love working at the intersection of creativity and user friendly interfaces

What was done

Conducted research, designed and made the UI of a new website for an African startup

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Conducted research, developed design and applications for iOS and Android

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Bang and Olufsen

We made a research, developed overal design concept, and created a layout for a large online store of household appliances

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We participated in the development of the Plus concept and final tests of the product variations

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Tais Kahatt

We assembled a design system and created mockups for the mobile application interface

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Shopify Blog

Investigated issues of the online real estate purchase process and developed recommendations for the improvements

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Nest Seekers

Performed UI/UX tests of product variations, designed the interface solutions for new features

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It’s my Process

I’m a creative developer with years of experience in building products and appealing web experiences

01. Creative Approach

Try to learn as much as I can before designing. This means really understanding the problem at hand through research and anything else I can do to connect to the project or client.

02. Design Strategy

I pull together a few design directions, create prototypes, and really get a feel for the product before going into development.

03. Production

I collaborate with developers to implement the final project. This means running through quality assurance and testing to make sure we have the best possible solution.

04. Implementation

Try to learn as much as I can before designing. This means really understanding the problem at hand through research and anything else I can do to connect to the project or client.